Private house in Cherkassy

Light and soft minimalism


Украина. с. Елизаветовка




2018 yr.

Дизайн и визуализация Kleverc

This modern house is performed in minimalism, but the Kleverc team made it very soft, there is no austerity and rigidity, which are present in the "pure" minimalism, but there is comfort and a lot of free space. The color scheme of the house is very restrained and calm, dominated by coffee, gray and beige colors. Many wooden textures are used, in the interior it is veneered MDF and natural wood, as well as natural stone, which undoubtedly makes the interior cozy and homely. In general, the interior design of the house will appeal to people who keep up with the times, but who appreciate the comfort and tranquility of the living space.